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Japan 2018

02.-15. 10.2018, - Japan
15th foreign excursion.

Česky / Czech

We are planning another Mensa foreign excursion, this time to Japan.

Date: 2. 10. - 15. 10. 2018
We will focus the whole tour on tourist and sightseeing and we will manage the meeting with Japan Mensa members as well.

We will visit for example:
Kyoto - a great number of interesting sights have been preserved in this bustling modern city which used to be Japan capital. The cultural riches of Kyoto can be enjoyed if you immerse in alleyways with ancient shops, townhouses, temples, and walk through more distant districts.

Hiroshima - we probably do not have to introduce this city. We will visit the Peace Memorial Park with the museum and dome (designed by Czech architect in 1915 - the only thing left in the old city destroyed by the atomic bomb).

Himeji Castle - the most magnificent of twelve surviving feudal castles in Japan, it is on UNESCO's list.

Kobe - This city has flourished since the 8th century thanks to the trade with China and Korea. In 1995 Kobe suffered a severe earthquake with intensity of 6.9 degrees Richter scale. The traces of this disaster, however, have almost disappeared.

Nara, also former capital, an ancient city where many buildings have miraculously survived, is a symbol of peace. It features wooded hills, parks with temples, and some of the oldest wooden buildings in the world. Most of the temples are concentrated in Narok Park, where more than a thousand deers roam.

Tokyo, the capital of Japan, lies on the banks of the Sumida River near the Gulf of Tokyo. It has more than 9 million inhabitants (with suburbs around 40 million).

Kamakura - the seaside town of temples and wooded hills, boasts 19 shrines and 65 Buddhist temples, including the two oldest Zen monasteries in Japan.

Nikkó - Buddhist-Shinto religious center with mausoleum and sanctuary.

Due to the need to order a fly ticket and accommodation in advance, we will need a obligatory application before September 30 (including an advance payment of EUR 1 000). The deposit (or ticket) will be irreversible. After 30 September, we do not guarantee the flight together with the group and the total cost of the excursion may increase.

Accommodation will be in three places (hotels) and we plan to move in high-speed trains, trains and metro.

The total price of the tour is calculated max to EUR 2 296. The price includes: fly ticket from Prague, all tickets for train and metro, accommodation in quadruple rooms, maps, tourist materials, amateur guide and other small expenses. The price does not include food, insurance, and admission to museums and monuments. Nonmembers of Mensa + EUR 13. Application after December 1st, 2017 + EUR 12.
The price of exkursion without fly ticket is calculated max to EUR 1 496. Double room + EUR 480/person.
If you want to buy the fly ticket yourself and meet the group in Osaka airport or in Kyoto, please write it to the form - notes.

The payment of EUR 1 000 (or 1013) please send to:
IBAN: CZ9720100000002700060273
Bank address: Fio banka, a.s., V Celnici 1028/10, Praha 1

Application form must be filled at the bottom of czech version of page and then press grey button "Odeslat přihlášku".

If you have questions - do not hesitate and write / call.

Tomáš Blumenstein,, tel. +420 603 726 030

Hana Kalusová,, tel. +420777004678