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IG MEG offers you an opportunity to join us for a friendly English conversation, usually starting after interesting lecture on the beginning of the evening. The goal of MEG is to have fun together while speaking (only) English.

Planned Events

Meetings take place irregularly, from 18:00. Everyone is welcome, entrance is free.

Address of meetings from 2018: CIIRC, Jugoslávských partyzánů 1580/3, Prague 6

Past Events


20 March - let's have virtual tours: do you know that here you can see so nice things that you may have not had time to follow before:

7 February - Galerie DOX - offer of visiting together the exhibition On Flying and other Dreams of Petr Sís.


4 September - We had a discussion on our holiday's experience.


28 May - We had a talk with Rebecca Rogers about the origins of the American Revolution in Boston, up to the battle of Lexington & Concord. And the discussion on other connected topics.


  • 8 June - Central Hotel. David Kotin prepared the topic Mindsports as a lifestyle.
  • 20 May - Central Hotel. Jana Štefaniková had the presentation on her trip to Australia "Life in Australia or, Souvenirs from the University Work Experience during the half a Year in Melbourne and its Surroundings"
  • 11 May - Central Hotel. David Kotin: Reasonable alternative health therapies versus conventional treatments.


  • 14 May - Golem klub, in the cooperation with  Martin Lupa. Evening with the Philippines chargé d'affaires Juan Dayang. There was a book from  Litoměřice, 1998, sent by Jana Štefaniková:  Jindřich Tomas: José Rizal, Ferdinand Blumentritt a novodobé Filipíny.
  • 10 September - hotel Central. Jitka Nováková presented The Spring in Australia.
  Melbourne  Chodci
  Kone  Magpie Fletnak


  • 19th of July our member Stanislav Beneš from Czech Consulate General in New York talked about his diplomatic stay in Australia
  • 14th of June our member and the editor-in-Chief of Mensa magazine took us to the 51days long journey through Nepal
  • 21st of May The Honorary Consul of Australian Consulate and The Country Manager of Australian Trade Commision in Prague Petr Vodvářka had a lecture about Australia
  • 12th of April 2012 Ing. arch. MgA. Osamu Okamura the editor in chief of ERA21 held lesson about Czech and Japan architecture
  • 5th of March 2012 a teacher from Mensa Grammar school Mr. Martin Kalivoda talked with us about his life in America


  • 16th of November 2011 we visited Oxford and its university with her student Nicol Seifertova, BA MSc
  • 30th of August about Bretagne with Ing.arch. Jan Malec and Ing.arch. Marek lehmann
  • 19th of October 2011 Doc. Ing. arch. Patrik Kotas talked about Paris
  • 18th of April about Estonia with  Mrs. Katri Vaaks from Estonia
  • 16th of March Mgr. et Ing. Jana Štefaniková talked about her trip to Etiopia she did this year. 


  • 29 th of November we will meet Prof. PhDr. Ladislav Bareš, CSc. the director of Czech Institute of Egyptology at Charles University, he will tell us about Czech Egyptology, about its great descoveries and succesess
  • 20th of October at 19:00 misses Mgr. et Ing. Jana Štefaniková took us to journey thrue Laos.
  • 15th of September 2010 we talked about Canada with Czech Mensa member Stanislav Beneš, who had worked there for several years at Czech ambassy. 
  • 21st of July 2010 we met Nicolas Miller again, we plaied games together
  • 16th of June 2010 we met Nicolas Miller, Czech Mensa member and man of many professions, about Malaysia, Indonesia and about his life experiences. 
  • 24th of May 2010 we talked about Croatia with Mgr. Maria Vlasic, the teacher of Croatian language at Charles University and with Ivana Tichá from Croatian embassy in Prague.
  • 21st of April 2010 Mr. Ondřej Vrzal, student of Czech Technical University, talked about his experiences from his study stay in Korea.


  • The 17th of March the guet of honour was President of Anglo-American University of Prague, Assoc. Prof. Alan Krautstengl, Ph. D. 
    The November 2009: We spoke about Norwey with Mr. Jostein Sand Nilsen and Mr. Martin Přibyl
  • The 21st of October2009: This meeting was just a discussion without any special programme.
  • The 17th of June 2009: We went through photos from Mensa´s trip to Engeland in June 2009. The topic was Engeland and London.20th of May 2009: We met in Legie again and we spent nice evening with British architect Jon Hale who has been working in Prague for several years. We talked about his work, architecture and about the life in Prague and in Great Britain. 
  • 15th of April 2009 was the first meeting of MEG at hotel Legie. We invited Mr. Alois Peyr sa guest of honour. Mr. Alois Peyr born in Czech was inprisoned during communist rule, and so he used the chance and left the country in the year 1968. The only thing they didn´t manage according to the plan was to leave the country on a sail boat. He has lived in Australia untill 2004, when he moved back to Czech to visit his friends after very long time. He didn´t manage to leave Czech on a sail boat, but he decided to make his way back on a sail boat, though without his friends. He sold his house, he bought a sail boat and he left for Malaysia. Then he flown to United States, where he bought a second sail boat. He sailed through the Atlantic Ocean alone and arrived to Prague last autum. These days, he is on his way back to Australia on the sail boat again. 



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